I've been a Staff Developer at Shopify, I created the Tabletop Library app used at PAX and the Verge Taglines app for the Tidbyt. This is my blog on Software and other stuff.

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Real Third Energy Vibes July 8, 2024

Apparently Capcom posted a simple statement and photo on X (formerly Twitter) last week noting the 25th anniversary of the original Dino Crisis game being released. Without a doubt, Dino Crisis is one of my all-time favorite games and it represents, to me, an excellent example of linear story telling with interesting gameplay, puzzles, and ambience. In particular, I love the dynamic camera work that appears in the game and the fully 3D environments that separated it from the similar Resident Evil games at the time.

While I will be expecting nothing from this I do share the hope it'll be revived some day. I also hope and recommend you, dear reader, look it up and either play it (on your original consoles or through emulation) or watch a full playthrough to see what it's like.

No Roads Left June 24, 2024

I grew up gaining a lot of music through CDs primarily and I've long since relied on rips of those old albums for continuing to listen to that music. One downside of that is I've missed out on certain "bonus" tracks until I go back and find digital versions of these albums for one reason or another. Just this past weekend I stumbled on the bonus track "No Roads Left" for Linkin Park's "Minutes to Midnight" album (2007). I've never heard this track even though I've heard this album hundreds of times before. The track is a wonder, especially the crescendo at 50s. If you haven't listened to this album before (or in a while) then I recommend a full listen through with this at the end.

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