Joe Greathead
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I am a compassionate technical leader dedicated to the growth of my team and the continuous improvement of our customers' experience.
Technical Profile
  • Passionate about TypeScript and Ruby
  • Managed open-source app for over 8 years
  • Experienced with GraphQL and Node.js
  • Expert, patient teacher of all skill levels
  • Proficient in C#, Java, and Python
  • Impeccable communicator and arbiter
  • Expert with extensive work in JavaScript
  • Thorough planner with logistical mind
  • Avid about automating via CI/CD tools
  • Self-teaching with a growth mindset
Senior Developer
07/2021 - Present
  • Planned and executed projects to increase quality and trust of solutions in App Store ecosystem
  • Worked across multiple projects to provide improvements to Partner and Merchant experience
Comcast Technology Solutions
Senior Software Engineer
02/2020 - 06/2021
  • Implemented modern, extensible interfaces and architecture using TypeScript and React
  • Maintained and expanded an existing backend using GraphQL, Express, and Nginx
  • Learned and streamlined architecture to reduce development time of views from days to hours
  • Joined and caught up to a team in full sprint on a short deadline using new technologies
Seattle, WA
Team Lead, Senior Software Engineer
07/2018 - 02/2020
  • Led a team of engineers to operationalize a core product platform which lacked automation
  • Designed an extensible CLI tool to reduce time spent managing production resources
  • Trained a team of remote engineers in the fast-paced development of an existing product
Senior Client Engineer
07/2016 - 07/2018
  • Developed a JavaScript library to standardize custom tools, and decrease lead time by half
  • Built a culture of open communication and inclusion to grow team members’ skills
  • Wrote libraries of documentation for multiple teams to increase knowledge redundancy
  • Supplemented short term needs by cleverly reusing product features in unintended ways
Fiksu, Inc.
Boston, MA
Senior Client Engineer
09/2013 - 07/2016
  • Created a proprietary Ruby library to quickly bootstrap new, internal applications
  • Designed a simple, team specific command line tool to automate and trigger daily routines
  • Engineered a web app using a data-driven UI to create new interfaces for users
  • Developed reporting and analytics tools/reports using column and row oriented databases
  • Regularly wrote ad hoc scripts to generate urgent reports or meet internal requests
Amica Mutual Insurance
Lincoln, RI
Associate IT Developer
02/2011 - 09/2013
  • Restructured and developed a billing application using a combination of ExtJS and jQuery
  • Developed a standard build process for dozens of Java services via Ant and QuickBuild
  • Created scripts to automate local environment setup so it took 15 minutes instead of 2 days
New England Institute of Technology
Warwick, RI
  • B.S. Game Programming and Simulation Technology, September 2010
Penny Arcade, Inc.
Seattle, WA
PAX Tabletop Engineering Lead
04/2011 - 01/2019
  • Managed design and code contributions to an open-source code base for over 8 years
  • Developed a high performance library app using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL
  • Led teams to deploy and manage code at live events to organize various services